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Events Surrounding The Flood

Ron Roberts
Park South church of Christ
Fort Smith, AR
(used by permission)

Over the course of my lifetime, and I’m certain, many lifetimes before mine, there has been a multitude of questions raised by various individuals about the age of the Earth. Have you noticed the increased interest in genealogy research in the past few years? People are curious about their beginnings. And when it comes to the age of this world, serious questions arise. Among them are:

* How did it come into existence?
* How long did it take for this to happen?
* How big a part did evolution take?
* How did we get the mountains & oceans?
* Why did man live so long in the beginning?

     You can not have gone through the public school system in the United States of America during the last 40 years or more without realizing there are several theories being accepted that purport to tell us all about this old world upon which we live. Obviously, you will be able to find several that attempt to disprove what I am about to discuss with you. Even though some, such as “The Theory of Evolution” by Charles Darwin, are now being taught as certainty in the school systems across this country of ours, please realize that “theories” are just what their name implies. They are not proven fact! In most instances a theory is put forth when facts are uncovered and applied in such a fashion so as to point to something new. After a reasonable length of time either (a) the theory is proved and accepted as fact, in which case it is no longer considered a theory; or (b) it is discarded by a discovery or fact that is incontrovertible and disproves the theory; or (c) nothing can be found to either prove or disprove it, therefore it remains a theory, but is generally only accepted as an unproven possibility.

     Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution”, however, which is so prevalent in our society, occupies a unique position in that it has never been proven, even after so long a time (it was first published around 1850) — yet has never been discarded. It is still held as the probable (certain?) way that we have arrived into this 21st Century! To we Christians it offers no solution, nor truth, as it blatantly contradicts the teachings of the Holy scriptures.

My Objective:
     Many times the Christian is called upon to defend his stance that the world, in fact all that in actuality exists, is a result of a few simple commands from our Father, Jehovah, the God in Heaven! It is my hope that this study will show the Christian that the scriptures are not silent on the subject of Creation but, in fact, has much to say that will account for all of the questions that have arisen about the development of this earth, and in a much shorter span of time than the hundreds of millions or even billions of years that the scientific community in general places on it.

Part 1 — Evolution in contrast with the Bible ...
     Theories from the scientific community that attempt to explain the age of the earth are varied, interesting and complex but they are, nonetheless, just theories. The Bible has never been proven to be wrong by the scientist nor will it ever! When the scientific community and the Bible differ, eventually it is learned that the Bible was right all along — we just didn’t realize it! An example would be found in the book of Isaiah —
“It is he that sitteth above the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in” Isaiah 40:22 KJV

     I’m sure you will immediately recognize from the phrase, “the circle of the earth” that God is sitting high above the spherical earth, however it was well into the 15th Century before man accepted that the Earth was not flat! Even though it was often ridiculed or scoffed at, the Bible had been right all along — it just wasn’t understood. It is encouraging to learn that some modern scientists do believe the Bible and look to it, as the source of all truth, for help in answering the seemingly unanswerable. But to the vast majority of those in the scientific realm the Bible, because of the relative short period of time it proffers, is not seriously considered when looking into the “age of the earth” question. Science has made discoveries, after all, that indicate to them the necessity of a much longer time than that which the Bible would allow. Just four of those discoveries are:

The varied “layers” and “strata” that exist within the earth's crust along with animal and plant fossils trapped in these layers.

Coal beds that exist many hundreds of feet deep along with diamond and oil fields that scientists say take “millions of years” and tremendous pressures to form.

Sea shells that have been found on high mountain tops with no way to account for them being there.

Fossils of marine life found in places where little water exists. 

     The scientist reasons that it must have taken countless millions of years of change for these things to have developed or occurred. They say the Bible simply must be wrong — or, it must be viewed with another logical explanation to account for this “necessary” long period of time.

     On the contrary, I believe the Bible is correct and all things developed in the way the Bible itself explains it. The biblical explanation beginning in Part 3 of this thesis concerning the events that surrounded the flood will logically, I believe, show that almost all of it happened, not in the “millions of years”, nor even in the approximately 6000 years that Bible Scholars account as the age of the earth — but in just a few hundred years .... the “ice age” included!

     I do not disagree with those scientific theories that claim, if left totally to natural effects, it could have taken “millions” of years for the Earth to have produced those discoveries. Because, after all, natural effects do take time! By the scientist’s own admission, a lot of evolution is happen-stance, but most of it, at least as far as that part dealing with the earth and it's shape and configuration is concerned, deal with the slow whittling away of earth, rock and mountains by erosion. I know you are aware of erosion and how it works: At first just “trickles” of water will run down a slope and carry away a very small part of the earth. Then, when some of the earth has been carried away and a furrow has been formed, those “trickles” become “streams” carrying away even more earth as they flow. These “streams” become creeks — then rivers — and after countless “thousands of years” those rivers will have worn away the earth to form the Royal Gorge or the Grand Canyon or some other great wonder of the earth! But to the Christian who believes in the Bible and that the earth was created and was not just a “happenstance” of evolution, how can we account for and answer the questions concerning the “needed” time for the formation of those “great wonders”?

Part 2 — Science against itself ...
     Since, as Christians, we believe the Creator had the power to create — can’t we also believe that He had the power to do it in as short a span of time as He desired? I am not going to deny that erosion takes place. Obviously it does! I, also, am not trying to deny that places like the Grand Canyon or Royal Gorge exist. Obviously they do! In fact they are beautiful. I have been to those places and have seen them with my own eyes, and we are fortunate, indeed, to live in a part of the world where we can enjoy those beauties of nature. We would only have to drive a few hours to see, in our own state, chasms and mountains and waterfalls that, as far as their beauty is concerned, defy human imagination.

     I believe the Bible shows us that even as God “destroyed” the existing world along with it’s inhabitants during Noah's time, that He was “restructuring” the physical earth to remain a place of beauty for man to enjoy while here on this earth, but to be different than it was before the flood. And this restructuring was done quickly! Not in the "millions" of years that science claims ... not even in the 6000 or so years that most creationists place on it, BUT IN JUST ONE OR TWO HUNDRED YEARS! A careful study will show that the bible states all of these events started just prior to the Flood and ceased during the lifetime of Peleg, just about a hundred years or so later!

     Of course, when you try to establish, solely from the Bible, exactly when this person lived or just when that event happened, it becomes clear early on that the Bible, though accurate, was not intended to portray the time that these events happened, so much as the events themselves! Some say, in fact, that it's impossible to establish accurate times using the genealogies listed in the Bible because some of the names are left out and several generations are included with the naming of one person. Well that may be, and the earth may be a little older than the 6000 or so years that many creationists hold on to. I will even admit to a large possibility of error. I would not seriously argue with 10,000 years as the age of the Earth, however, I believe the inspired account to be more accurate than some of the others do and I personally hold to the “about 6000 years or so” previously stated. Let me make this perfectly clear! I believe that the creation story found in Genesis 1 and 2 is correct. I believe the account of the Flood in Genesis 6 through 9 is accurate. And I believe the time spans given in Genesis for those events are the correct ones! But — just for the sake of argument I won’t quibble and will accept that the "Beginning" as related in the account of Genesis may have been as much as 10,000 years ago.

     Before getting into the Biblical account of the flood and what occurred because of and surrounding it, let's notice some evidence that science has found that undermines or, at least clouds, to the careful observer, the very theories that science purports:

1. Although they have just about quit looking now, Scientist are still consistently finding mosquitoes fossilized in Amber, a precious stone that takes "several thousand" years to harden and form. They want us to accept a theory that claims as it’s foundation, given time all things will “evolve” and, therefore, appear somewhat different than the very early species. Yet, these mosquitoes trapped in the amber for “thousands of years” look exactly the same as the mosquitoes we have today! Where is the evolution?
2. They have found coral fossils in what they define as the "oldest possible" strata — yet, that coral looks just like the coral that we find in the shallow waters of the Pacific Ocean today. How can that be if evolution depends on a constant, albeit, lengthy change of life forms?
3. Several years ago, Scientist’s discovered the skeleton of a particular species of fish called a Coelacanth. The scientific community was very excited about the find because they knew the Coelacanth to be extinct! It had died out over “a million years ago”. The reason for the excitement was because the Coelacanth had a hollow spinal bone and was determined to be the "ancestors" of all animal life. Then — one was caught while fishing in the Indian Ocean, and since then several more have been caught. Apparently the Coelacanth fish likes the depths and doesn't come up very often to shallow water. But, it’s not extinct after all! That, of course, doesn’t bother the scientific community — they were just mistaken about that! But, more than mistaken, they have, at times, been “taken in” as example #4 documents.
4. One such incident — the so called “Piltdown Man” — had some scientists fooled for almost 40 years. They were extremely excited to have finally found, they thought, the “missing link” that would connect man with apes. But, soon, they began to have doubts, and finally, a man by the name of Charles Dawson admitted the hoax! He had taken several human teeth, altered them and fitted them into the jawbone of an ape and in some way “aged” them to appear very old. Needless to say, some in the scientific community were “red-faced” over that.
5. Geologists have found tropical plant fossils in places on the earth where they “just couldn’t” grow because the climate would be too cold for tropical plants to survive there. Yet, the fossils are real, undisputed, and are of tropical plant life.
6. In like manner, they have found the remains of huge plant eating animals near the Arctic Circle — in places that is much too cold for them to have lived — and certainly too cold for the plants that they needed for food to live.
7. But the most amazing proof of what I am about to tell you, and at the same time the most puzzling for the scientist, is the following: In the Arctic — above the Arctic Circle — the remains of some giant mammoths have actually been found in extremely good condition, in fact, almost perfectly preserved in the ice. Their preservation is almost as if they were “quick frozen”! And here is the amazing part — Scientists have found that some of these mammoths still have the un-digested tropical plants and leaves, that they fed upon, in their stomachs!
     So — how do the evolutionists answer these questions? They don't! They overlook them, they deny them or else they “explain them away”. Fact number 6 and Fact number 7, mentioned above, which are not disputed in the scientific realm, can mean nothing else but that the earth, at some point in it's history, had a tropical climate over a much larger region than it now does — even in what is now the polar areas! Furthermore, the above listed Fact number 7 points to a surprising end of this tropical climate, otherwise the huge mammoths would not be incased in ice with their food still undigested in their stomachs! But the events which I believe the Holy Scriptures reveal concerning the flood would account for that surprising end — and tropical plant life existing in areas which are now ice covered.

Part 3 — The Record ...
     Before we can even begin to understand all of the events which took place during, and just after the flood, we must first understand the Biblical account of the creation and the significance of some of the terms used in it’s description. For one reason or another, most folks haven’t really studied what the Bible has to say about the creation. If you have then you already know that when God first created this world, it had no form and was covered completely with water. And you, likely, have already considered the significance of the fact that there is no mention of rain, mountains, volcanoes or great landmarks other than rivers until after the flood. Perhaps you understand what the words used in describing the creation of our world really mean in the original Hebrew language and perhaps you do not. Certainly, God made the world to be what he wanted it to be. But, why did He choose to make it one way, and then change it at a later time? I'm not talking about mankind, I'm talking about the physical world! Carefully read Genesis 1:1-10. What is really stated may not be obvious at first, but a closer look at the text will reveal what is being said:

     In Verse 2 we have the terms “without form, void, darkness upon the face of the deep and the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters.” The Hebrew term that is translated “without form” is “tohuw”. It’s meaning comes from a seldom used root word meaning “to lie waste, nought, nothing, empty place or formless”. Strong defines it as “nothingness, empty space, that which is empty or unreal, wasteland, a place of chaos, vanity”.

     The term translated “void” is pretty well self-explanatory. It is “bohuw” and means “to be empty, void, emptiness or waste.

     The Hebrew term that is translated “darkness” is “choshek” and means “obscurity, night, darkness or secret”. The absolute meaning is “without light” and stresses the total absence of any sort of light at all!

     And the word translated “deep” is the Hebrew word “tahowm” and means deep, depths, deep places, abyss, the deep, sea; deep (of subterranean waters); primeval ocean.

     And, finally, we have the word translated “face”. It is the Hebrew word “paniym” and comes from a very little used noun “paneh” and means presence, countenance, against, surface, in the presence of, in the face of, at the face or front of, from the presence of, from before, from or before the face of.

     Can we, then, draw a conclusion from what is said in Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 2 about the condition of the earth immediately after God created it, but before the first day was over? I believe we can: From the original Hebrew text we are forced to conclude it to be a formless, chaotic, useless place where no land rose above the water. It was in absolute darkness and only the Holy Spirit moved just above the calm surface. There would have been no wind because the “heavens” had not yet been created, there would have been no tides because the moon had not been created, there would have been no warmth or light because the Sun had not been created. Therefore, there would have been no waves, currents or turmoil — just a vast seemingly useless — utterly dark — emptiness of calm water! No life in or on the water!

     Then, in Verses 3 through 5 God made a division between the darkness of night by creating light and calling it day. Notice that this light does not come from the Sun because the Sun will not be created until the fourth day! But even so, there was still nothing but a formless void. No mountains, steams, rivers or anything else. Just water and now light to separate the darkness!

     I should make mention that there are many folks, including a lot of Christians, who believe that there was a tremendously long gap of time between the events of Verse 2 and those of Verses 3 through 5. It is believed that this gap allows for natural evolution and provides a space, consistent with the Bible, for the “millions of years” necessary for evolution to occur. For the lack of a better name, it’s called the “Gap Theory”. That is nothing other than compromise! Either you believe the Biblical account or you don’t! Either the earth was created or it wasn’t! You cannot ride the fence! And should you want to hold to the Gap Theory, remember that there was no life in the water, and no warmth, light or currents to allow the evolution to take place even if there had been! No, friends, the Gap Theory is just that — a theory. Another in a succession of theories that still, even after hundreds of years, remain just what it is — a theory, an unproven idea!

Part 4 — The Greenhouse ...

     In Verses 6 & 7 - God made another division that, arguably, is the most important division there is in regard to answering the questions at the end of Part 2 that science can’t answer. Waters were divided from waters! The reading in the American Standard Version is:

“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.”

     The record states that there were waters both above and below the firmament. Interesting! The term "firmament" comes from the Hebrew word "raqiya" (pronounced raw-kee'-ah) which means "expanse, something beaten out, stretched or spread". Strong offers, in regard to the meaning, “It was considered by Hebrews as solid and supporting 'waters' above”.

Verse 8 continues ...

“And God called the firmament Heaven. And there was evening and there was morning, a second day.”

     According to Strong’s Dictionary, the Hebrew word that is translated “Heaven” is “shamayim” (pronounced shaw-mah'-yim) and it’s prime meaning is “visible heavens, heavens, the sky, atmosphere, etc.”. But this is still the “firmament”, (raqiya) of Verses 6 & 7. The common Hebrew interpretation of the word “raqiya” (the “firmament” - heavens) is the air in which the clouds float! Thus — In regard to what has already been said, this leads to the conclusion that the formless, vast, nothingness of water described in verse 2 was separated from itself by the air in which the clouds float, the “firmament”. Let me further explain: We are not talking about the lakes and rivers of the earth being separated from the water vapor in the atmosphere! On the contrary, there was no atmosphere for there to have been water vapor before the firmament was created! And when the firmament was created, it separated “waters” above the firmament from “waters” below the firmament! The same word for “waters” is used in both places. The New American Standard Version makes this very clear in Verses 6 & 7. Therefore — what ever the “waters” were below the firmament (the air in which the clouds float) that same “waters” existed above the firmament.

     Then, in Verses 9 & 10 the earth begins to take some sort of shape when the “waters” under the firmament are “gathered into one place”. This is caused by land areas either rising or sinking to cause the “dry land to appear” on the earth's surface. These “rising” land areas probably were in the form of continents which included some mountains causing the waters to gather together into the lower or “sinking” land masses to form oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers — perhaps even into underground rivers and lakes, while the “firmament” provided the atmosphere. Earth was almost ready to support life! But, remember, that above the expanse of air (firmament) there was still the “waters”! A layer of water above the very air that we breathe.

     This layer of water formed a canopy over the entire earth. The sun could shine through it, but the sunlight would be filtered, and the harmful "infra-red" and "ultra-violet" rays would not reach us. This layer of water over us, this canopy, would also "insulate" us from the extreme cold of outer space. The entire earth would be a sort of "greenhouse" with a moderate climate and temperature everywhere on the earth. Is it any wonder that lush plant life and large animals would exist? And, because of that canopy of water “containing” our atmosphere, the atmospheric pressure would be greater. Some scientists (who are also creationists) believe such a canopy of water could cause our atmospheric pressure to be about 1.5 to 1.75 times greater than it now is. An interesting experiment was conducted in Glen Rose, Texas at the Creation Museum there. Having obtained a reasonably large Hyper Baric pressure chamber, the scientists constructed a garden area in one end and an aquarium in the other inside the chamber. They used infra-red and ultra-violet filters to reduce those harmful rays of the sun, and raised the pressure inside the chamber to 1.75 times our normal atmospheric pressure. They then obtained a pair of Piranha “minnows” and placed one into the aquarium tank inside the chamber and the other into an equal sized aquarium tank outside the chamber. They selected the Piranha because it is a relatively small fish that seldom, if ever, grow larger than 6 inches or so in length. They were careful to feed the same amount of food to both fish at the same time each day. I saw the result with my own eyes. The Piranha in the tank outside the chamber grew to a normally expected size while the one inside the chamber tank grew to almost 5 times the size of the other! The small garden inside the chamber produced plants larger than those outside the chamber also. Is it any wonder that during the existence of such a “canopy” man lived to an extremely old age? Also, is it any wonder that very large animals existed? Even dinosaurs! And that the plants could grow everywhere upon the face of the earth!

     If such a “greenhouse” climate did exist, can’t you imagine what would happen when this layer of water forming the canopy ceased to exist? Certainly, you can! That is the way it is now! Without that insulation, the cold of outer space is felt directly upon the atmosphere of the earth and we have the conditions that our climate dictates. The polar regions would go from "tropical" to sub-zero rather quickly. Do you suppose that could account for some of the things found in the arctic? It certainly could!

Part 5 — The Flood ...

     If you count the years listed in Gen. 5, for each person until the time that his son was born, and add them up, you have 1056 years. This is the time from creation of Adam until the birth of Noah. Genesis 7:11 tells us that the Flood came in the 600th year of Noah's life. That means the flood came 1656 years after the creation of the world. I have already said that some people do not recognize this type of time measuring to be accurate. Well OK — Maybe a generation or two has been left out here and there, but certainly not enough to justify the great numbers (millions of years) that the scientist and evolutionists are trying to claim.

     Genesis 7:9-24 records the account of the floods beginning. Those that were saved went into the ark seven days before the waters came. From where did enough water to cover the earth come? Where on earth could there be enough water to completely cover the entire earth to a depth of 15 cubits above the highest mountain that then existed? The answer is nowhere! Notice that the elements mentioned were the "fountains of the deep" and the "Windows of Heaven" and, remember, back in Genesis 1 there was enough water because no land was then visible!

     "Windows of Heaven" — must mean not only rain, but a vast overhead supply of water being released. Scientists have determined that there is not enough water vapor in the air to rain over the whole earth for even a few days, but the bible says it rained for 40 days and 40 nights without stopping! From where did the water come? I’m sure you are saying, “From that reservoir above that made up the canopy of water mentioned in Gen. 1:6-7". And you are correct!

     "Fountains of the deep" must mean the seas, lakes, streams and etc. breaking out of their natural boundaries and creeping up to cover the areas of land. Some say that giant caverns of water and underground rivers were let loose by volcanoes and earthquakes. That would be very possible.

     How deep was the water? There are some who claim that the flood was a local thing and that it did not cover the entire earth! But notice that the Bible plainly say in Genesis 7:19: "... the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven were covered. Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered."

     If it was just a local thing, what would keep the people and animals from just moving from one place to another? Surely, someone would have found some piece of timber, or flotsam to cling to until he reached land if it was local. And, certainly, what would have kept birds from flying to some place of safety? But, every living creature that breathed the air was destroyed. The waters were above the highest hills, the highest points on the earth, by 15 cubits. A cubit was the measure of a man's forearm from his elbow to his fingertips. This could vary from man to man, but the average is about 18 to 22 inches. That means the waters were 25 to 30 feet above the tops of the highest points on earth! How could it be contained to a local area? What would keep it from flowing down the hills into the next valley? No, the flood was universal in scope, just like the bible says it was, and no air breathing creature that lived on the land could keep his head above the water to breathe. There was no place for the birds to rest. All living creatures that had the breath of life in them, died!

Part 6 — After the Flood ...

Well, when God saw fit to end the flood, where did He put the water? To where could it flow? Did it just "soak in"?

Two things played a part in it:
1. The canopy of water which prevented the extreme cold of outer space to be felt directly on our atmosphere was now gone from the air above. The "insulation" of water causing the "greenhouse effect" and keeping the climate warm was gone. This extreme cold could be felt on the polar regions of the earth (as it is even today) , and the great ice caps could form. But more than that ...
2. Earthquakes and giant crevasses in the earth's crust appeared. The ocean floors were lowered by volcano's spouting up lava, thousands of cubic miles of lava. And this volcanic activity with it’s large amounts of smoke and particles being thrown into the air would have partially blotted out the sun, further lowering the temperature of our atmosphere, causing the polar ice to form much more quickly. This volcanic activity also formed Mountain ridges and the retreating waters cut large rivers into the crust of the earth. Far-fetched, you say? This mighty movement of seas is recorded! Read Psalms 104:5-9. And, Nahum referred to the earthquakes and volcanoes in Nahum 1:5 ff Read Psalms 46:1-3. Can't you imagine the shaking, roaring and welling up of the mountains? There isn't any other time, as far as I know, to better fit that description than the aftermath of the Flood. Isaiah 64:3 speaks of the "... mountains flowing down at thy presence". When could that be if not now?

Peter says that the world that DID exist ceased to exist as it was before:
“... that there were heavens from of old, and an earth compacted out of water and amidst water, by the word of God; by which means the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: but the heavens that now are, and the earth, by the same word have been stored up for fire, being reserved against the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men”. 2 Peter 3:5 - 7

Is it any wonder that we now find...
     ...fossils deep in the earth.
          ...sea shells on the tops of mountains.
               ...and the remains of the huge forests that once covered the earth because of the tropical climate, are now coal beds and oil deposits.

And in the midst of the coal beds, hundreds of feet deep,
     ... are still occasionally found a bone
          ... a skeleton of some long ago man
               ... or some piece of pottery or polished stone.

     This is all that remains of the civilization of people before the Flood. There is no other explanation that makes sense. A close look at some of the events that more than likely happened will reveal some startling information. We have seen two things, either of which would have made a tremendous change in the conditions on the earth, happening at the same time.

Now let's look at a third!

     In addition to the "water blanket" shielding the earth from the cold of outer space and keeping in the warmth of the earth suddenly ceasing to exist — add the dust, lava and ash pouring out of all the volcanoes filling up the sky and partially blotting out the warm rays of the sun. The scientists themselves report that there would be a decrease in atmospheric carbon dioxide. And they are certain that the temperature of the atmosphere and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are related. They say that a 50% decrease in carbon dioxide would lower the surface temperature of the earth by seven degrees Fahrenheit. They also say that a seven degree drop in average surface temperature would cause the polar ice to be greatly magnified, and start an Ice Age!

     Reckon how much of a decrease in atmospheric carbon dioxide would take place if you killed all the inhabitants of the earth and all of the animals and birds except those saved in the ark? In effect, you would remove most, if not all of the carbon dioxide producing agents from the earth. If you couple that with the other things, plus the already existent abundance of water on the surface of the earth, you have all of the right conditions for an Ice Age! The trapping, then drowning of the huge animals in the polar regions, by the flood waters, then the cold temperatures that followed would account for the discoveries in the Arctic.

     It is easy to believe that these three things: 1. The missing canopy of water; 2. The eruption of volcanoes; 3. The reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide did in fact cause huge ice caps.

     We can find traces that the northern border of the United States was once covered with ice. Why would it not also be true in the Southern Hemisphere? An ice core was taken in 1958 on the Antarctic ice cap near Byrd Station. Drilling commenced at an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level and continued for 10,000 feet, until earth was reached. The drill went through solid ice all of the way! Scientists have determined that, based on data found in the "Canadian Shield" (an area of land in Canada) that the depth of ice in the glaciers that came down as far as where Kansas is now, was between 15,000 and 17,000 feet thick at their thickest spots! At it's deepest spots, the ice was, they figure, about 3 miles deep and it feathered out toward the edges. The breadth of the ice mass was between 5,000 and 6,000 miles. The area it covered was about 17 million square miles. That equals all of the land area in the Western Hemisphere, including both of the Americas and their offshore islands. Or, on the other hand, it is equal to the continent of Asia in it's entirety.

     This, the scientist’s say, is the area of ice in the Northern Hemisphere! Presumably it would be the same in the southern hemisphere also. The VOLUME is estimated to have been between twelve and fourteen million cubic miles of ice! If we assume all of this to be correct, and even if we take into account the fact that ice is one of the few things that when it melts, takes up less space as water than it does as ice, we find some interesting results ---

     When that amount of ice melted and the glaciers retreated to where they are now, it caused the level of the oceans to rise. Sea level was raised more than 500 feet --- all over the world! If that is true, then before the ice melted the land area would be much larger than it is today, in fact, geologists say that there would not be a complete separation of continents as there now is, but that you could go anywhere on earth on dry land!

In view of that, look at Genesis 10:25 and I Chronicles 10:19 ---
" ... in his days was the earth divided."

     The word that is translated "earth" there is "Erets". This is the same word used when the statement is made, "... He created the heavens and the earth...". The Greek word that means the same thing is "ge", from which we get the word "GEography". It means the physical earth and not the inhabitants of the earth were separated (divided)!

     Therefore, in the days of Peleg, it was the physical earth and the inhabitants that were divided. So, if this is meant to be time when the people were scattered after the building of the tower of Babel, it is easy to see that they could have gotten to any part of the earth, thereby causing all continents to be inhabited. This would settle the questions of how the Indians got to North America, or how the inhabitants got to Australia, or how anyone got anywhere!

     God could then effectively isolate them as He wanted, by slowing down the volcanic activity to a level more consistent with what it is now. This would cause less ash and dust in the atmosphere and more heat from the Sun would reach the earth. The greater number of inhabitants, both animal and man, would be causing more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and that would raise the temperature some also. The great glaciers would melt and run off causing the great rivers that were formed by the flood run-off to deepen. All of this would, more or less, cause the earth's conditions to become more like they are today, and that ice melting would raise the level of water that 500 or so feet scientist talked about. The great gorges, waterfalls and other beauties of nature that we are able to enjoy, would become a reality. And the nations would be isolated!

     Cultures would develop separately and life would go on. But each culture would have it 's own account of the flood. They would have their own hero to save mankind from it, and even though the story would be distorted through time and telling, they would be talking about Noah! If you take the times mentioned in Genesis to be somewhere near correct, notice that Peleg lived to be 239 years old. He was born 101 years after the flood, and died 340 years after the flood. The time, therefore, that we have for all that we have been talking about to happen, is between 100 and 300 years!

     I don't intend to mean that this was exactly how it was done, nor do I mean to "take away" from God's power by trying to "explain away" the miracle that was certainly involved in the Flood. I do believe, however, that it is a much more believable and logical way for all that science says must have happened, did in fact happen, without trying to disprove the Bible.

     In fact, on the contrary, it uses the Bible for proof!

     You probably have or have had thoughts of your own on this subject. I have not tried to exhaust the subject, just get you to thinking about the power that God has, and what He can do.

     Certainly we must agree, a God so powerful so as to create everything that is can carry out his promise to save us ..... If we will but follow Him!
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