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IF … Then WHY?

IF it is true when people ask the following questions or bring up the following statements, then WHY does the Bible say…

1.   IF morals save us – (i.e. I am a good, moral person) … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Acts 10:1-6, 22, 48?

·        Cornelius was a devout man/feared God/just man/good reputation YET it was still necessary that he be baptized for the remission of his sins.

2.   IF your conscience is a safe guide – (I FEEL I am doing right) … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Acts 23:1, 24:16, 26:9-11

·        Paul, when he was persecuting Christians, said he did it with a clear conscience, felt he was doing it for God.  But, his conscience was WRONG!

3.   Faith ONLY justifies … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Ja 2:17, 24, 26

·        Faith without works is dead

·        We are justified by works and not by faith only

4.   There is nothing to do to be saved … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Mt 7:21, Mk 16:15-16, Rev. 22:14

·        He who does the will of my father in heaven

·        He who believes and is baptized

·        Those who do His commandments

·        This shows there is something to do to be saved

5.   Gospel obedience is not necessary … then WHY does the Bible say:

·       2Th 1:7-9, He 5:8,9

·        Vengeance … those who do not obey the gospel

·        Learned obedience

6.   The majority is right … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Mt 7:13-14,22,23, 1pe 3:20

·        Wide…destruction…many go in by it

·        Few (8 souls) … saved through water

7.   We can’t fall from grace? … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        1cor 9:27, 1Ti 4:1, He 3:12

·        I shall become disqualified (Paul said even HE could become disqualified if he did walk properly)

·        Some will depart from the faith

·        Evil heart of unbelief (remember, Paul was talking to Christians)

8.   The doctrines of men are acceptable?  … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Mk 7:13-14, Ga 1:8-9, 2Jn 1:9-11

·        Broad is the way … destruction

·        Any other gospel … accursed

·        Anyone who transgresses … not have God

·        Anyone who does not bring this doctrine … receive him not


9.   Religious division (ecumenism, many churches) is a blessing  … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Jn 17:20-23, 1Cor 3:3

·        That they may be one … that they also may be one in us

·        All speak the same thing

·        When there are divisions, strife etc., Paul said they were carnal (walking as men, not as spiritual brothers)

10.         Many churches are good?  … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Mt 16:18, Eph 1:22-23, Eph 5:23-25

·        I will build MY church  ONE

·        Church – SINGULAR

·        Body – ONE

·        Head (ONE) of church (ONE)

11.           You can worship as you please … then WHY does the Bible say:

·       Mt 15:8-9, Jn 4:23-24

·        In vain do they worship me

·        God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

12.           Instrumental music is good … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Eph 5:19, Col 3:16

·        Speaking

·        Singing, making melody in your heart

·        Teaching, admonishing

·        an instrument cannot accomplish this, and since it is commanded, then an instrument is an addition to the Word

13.         We use terms like Clergy, Reverend, Dr., Father … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        Mt. 23:8-10, Ro 1:1, 2pe 1:1

·        Do not be called … Rabbi, Father, Teacher (of course this is meaning religiously)

·        Paul, an apostle of our Lord, was simply called Paul.

14.         What about having a Pastor, that’s OK, isn’t it?  … then WHY does the Bible say:

·         Acts 14:23,  20:17,  1Pe 5:1,2

·        Paul appointed elders in every church.  An elder is a pastor, true, but notice:  there was always to be pastors (plural).  Also, it is a job description, and not to be used as a Title (i.e. Pastor Smith)

15.         Lifestyle does not matter … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        1 cor 6:9-11, Ga 5:19-21

·        The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God – “… neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

·        Lifestyle matters

16.         Faithfulness is not necessary … then WHY does the Bible say:

·        2Ti 2:4-6, 2Ti 4:8, Rev 2:10

·        Paul finished the race, kept the faith

·        Must be faithful until death                                 

Sermon Feb 4/07  Eric Castillo
                          Northside church of Christ, Calgary
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