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My Poetry Corner

My God Created Everything
By: Catherine2007

I did not make my heart to pump
I did not make my feet to jump
I don't know how my eyes can see
Or how I smell the strawberry

My hair it grows from here to there
Some heads go grey, some heads go bare
The food I eat, it makes me grow
Exactly how I do not know

The farmer plants a seed one day
Next thing you know he's making hay
How does the cock know when to crow?
How does yesterday become tomorrow?

What makes me dream when I'm asleep?
What makes me happy, what makes me weep?
My tongue is for tasting, and also for talking
My legs are for kneeling and jumping and walking

My throat makes a noise and this is good
For how else would we be understood?
I have a computer in my brain
But if it crashes, it'll make me insane!

The fish in the ocean know just where to spawn
And the sun knows how to make dusk into dawn
These things do I ponder from morning till night
But my Bible is given to me for a light

My God created everything
The thunder peals, the birds that sing
The stars and mountains, earth and sea
My God created you and me!
Twelve Apostles
By: Catherine2007

Twelve apostles tried and true
Almighty God inspired you
Jesus Christ gave you a job
"Go and preach unto the mob!"

Stoned you, beat you, locked you up
Still with Jesus did you sup
Watched Him suffer, watched Him die
Watched Him rise into the sky

You saw Him feed the crowd that day
You heard Him say, "I am the Way."
You baptized those who'd follow Him
Washing away all their sins

Healing the sick, curing the lame
So they'd believe in Jesus' name
Some believed and some did not
You wrote it all down - each tittle and jot

Because that's the way God said it should be
Our Lord came to save us, to make our souls free
We thank you apostles for all that you've done
For helping to guide us to the Almighty One!

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